Keely Field - One-of-a-Kind Voice


Demo Reel

Koerber's Jewelry Kentucky Radio Spot

In this fun radio commercial, airing for 26 weeks in early 2014 for Koerber's Fine Jewelry, I really got to creatively use my voice to promote the Koerber's jewelry and entice the customers. This was my first new VO booking in 2014 and I am happy to say my voice will be heard in this ad campaign all over Indiana and Kentucky.

Commercial Demo

This is my professionally produced Commercial Voice Over Demo. It includes commercial spots for Dasani, Lowe’s, Mercedes Benz, Fresh Express, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Bank of the West. You can really see the range in my voice, when you listen to my demo.

IVR Demo-Corporate

Phone Prompts, Customer Service Call Centers, Greetings, Tutorials, my voice is the perfect welcoming tone for your company.

Training & Industrial Demo

From audio books, online tutorials, to industrial training manuals, my voice has narrated everything...the possibilities are endless


In this sultry and sensual Hershey's Dark Chocolate radio commercial, I really got to show off the "smokiness" and allure of my voice.

Character Animation Demo

My voice ranges from young girl to caring Mom, and in this Demo, you get to hear me as the "obsessed fan".....brining characters to life is one of the best parts of the voice over world.

IVR Demo

Phone Prompts, Menus, Voice Mail Recordings, Corporate Voice Mail Systems. If you need a personal or corporate greeting, cell phone greeting, or company direct, including detailed phone prompts, I am just the voice you have been waiting for.


Seasonal radio spots are always intriguing, to entice your customers and boost your sales....and I have just the right voice to promote your product...even MasterCard sounds sexy in this radio spot.

LAUP National Radio Spot

This is a Los Angeles County wide radio commercial for the Los Angeles Pre School System. It showcases the importance of pre-school for all children’s lives. It is currently airing through Fall of 2009 on hundreds of radio stations, state wide in California. I got to record two commercials for them, and they are both currently airing together all over Los Angeles.

M&M’s “Valentine’s Day”

When it comes to silky, smooth, and sultriness, my voice delivers, every time.

Narration Demo

With a series of audio books to my credit, I was chosen for my comforting, inviting, familiar and soothing voice, that engages the listeners.

Web Series Animation Demo

Character voices bring animation, film, and even famous TV characters to life. I am constantly working on creating new and creative personality-driven characters. From a spoiled teenager, to a wicked queen, my range is vast.

Willing Adults

This is my narration for their dating and networking website. My voice is also going to be used in their national commercial campaign through January 2009. It is a site for couples to meet in their local area. It was a fun narration, as it showcases my sexy-toned voice for a very sexy website!

Fiction Audiobook Demo

In this audio book demo, you can hear how my voice pulls the listener in, from children's books to novels, my voice is the perfect narrator for any story.